Aldo Tura

Aldo tura (1909-1963) is an Italian designer, who established his furniture manufacturing house in Lombardy in 1939. Working between the trends of Art Deco and Modernism, Tura created unique and luxury furniture and accessories, which were characterized by rich materials, sculptural forms, and exclusive craft techniques. Tura's works have become highly collectible, especially pieces with exotic finishes, such as goatskin and parchment, in bright red, green and yellow color ranges. Tura is one of the most exceptional Italian designers of the 1950s. In the postwar years, while many furniture manufacturers were adapting their production methods to mass production, Tura continued to engage in traditional artisanal methods. He preferred complex forms and labor-intensive processes, which could never be replicated in a large-scale production system. As a result, the number of Tura's works available in the market remained limited in number. Today, the Tura company continues to produce luxury furniture in Lombardy, but much information about the artist has been lost over time. The Brooklyn Museum in New York has several works by Tura, which were originally exhibited in the traveling exhibition “Italy at work: Her Renaissance in Design Today”.