Osvaldo Borsani

Founder of Tecno with his brother Fulgenzio, architect Osvaldo Borsani has created iconic products of the company and of Italian design, such as the Graphis operating system, the D70 sofa, the P40 armchair and the T1 and T2 coffee tables. Osvaldo Borsani (Varedo 1911- Milan 1985) After the war, after graduating from the Polytechnic, he became friends with numerous artists including Lucio Fontana, Agenore Fabbri, Aligi Sassu, Roberto Crippa, Fausto Melotti, Arnaldo Pomodoro, with whom he created important works of art in furniture and 'interior design. At the end of the 1960s, Osvaldo Borsani, together with Marco Fantoni and Valeria Borsani, created the Tecno Project Center for the design of new products, the management of large interior architecture works, the experimentation of new technologies, strategies and the tools of business communication. In the same period, Borsani opened up to design for large communities and to the contribution of external designers.