Guido Faleschini

He obtained the diploma of Industrial Expert in Milan in 1942 and then also that of the Higher School of Art applied to Industry in the two-year period 1952-1953, also obtaining the 1st prize at the end of the course. He graduated in Architecture at the Atheneaum de Lousanne in 1960. Professor of Architectural Composition at the Italian Section of the Atheneaum de Lousanne in the years 1970-1974. From 1950 to 1968 obtaining prizes in painting competitions. Design activity as designer for various furniture companies in Brianza and design of private building furniture began in 1960. Design of exhibition stands. Participation in the PRINT laminates competition and in the Mariano Biennale with various recommendations. Complete furnishings for private homes since 1950 in various cities. Office furnishings (for example Sangalli Company of Monza and ATE Company of Sesto San Giovanni). Design of clothing stores. DESIGN FOR RESIDENTIAL PRIVATE BUILDING ▪ Villa Marelli. Mariano Comense 1966 ▪ Villa Soriani alle Groane. Saronno 1972 ▪ Villa Ventura. Bisceglie (Bari) 1980 ▪ Villa Sangalli. Monza 1985 ▪ Villa Beretta E. Arcore 1992 ▪ Conservative renovation in the historic center of Monza. Biraghi house. 1971 ▪ Renovation of Villa Beretta R. Arcore 1990 The interior furnishings were also designed for all the buildings listed. Design of the museum hall for the Saharan Rock Art Section annexed to the Civic Museum of Prehistoric Art of Pinerolo with the position of scientific director since 2001.